I’ve just watched a fascinating video that I wanted to send on to you.

It’s an interview with Dan Morehead, who was very early into crypto, and now runs Pantera Capital, one of the biggest funds in cryptocurrencies

In this discussion, Morehead talks about the economic fallout from the coronavirus.

He says we are entering a solvency crisis and it’s very unlikely that we will see a quick recovery once social controls are lifted.

The good news?

Morehead says that this crisis is going to accelerate investment in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Many of the coins he is holding will soar in the next year.

And eventually he thinks these coins will become part of the global reserve system, alongside the dollar and the pound.

You can watch the video here

(I recommend skipping past the first three minutes and jumping straight into the interview.)

In fact, cryptocurrencies are already performing well.

As Michael Mac at the Crypto Traders’ Academy said in his latest update…

“Since the low in Bitcoin and Ethereum 10 days ago we’ve bounced impressively with nice gains in both. Both are outperforming general stock indexes too which is important.

The main rationale for investing in cryptocurrencies right now is that most global currencies are about to suffer strong inflation from Government stimulus packages (i.e. money printing) and therefore stores of value in times of trouble can pump (e.g. Gold/Bitcoin/US Dollar).

Since my last post Gold is up 11%, Bitcoin is up 40%, Ethereum is up 33%, US Dollar Vs Pound Sterling is up 12%.

The Bitcoin halving event is around the corner helping the bullish case a bit too although I feel this is largely priced in at this stage. All the while Ethereum and other crypto developers continue to build in the background….”

In fact, Michael is currently holding several emerging cryptocurrencies that could really take off in the next few months as developers continue to work on these projects remotely.

Unlike airlines, retail, restaurants and energy, work on these projects can continue unabated.

And as you know,  there is huge potential upside.

Michael has pointed to returns of up to 6,000% over the next few years for several coins.

To find out more, I recommend you take a risk free trial of the Crypto Traders’ Academy.